MULTISEAL is a liquid sealant which is added directly to the water in a closed heating system for sealing off hidden leaks. MULTISEAL is available in different product varieties attuned to the environment where a leak has to be sealed. MULTISEAL can be used in connection with district heating systems, all heating systems with heaters with oil burner or fuel boilers, floor heating systems, drain and sewer systems. MULTISEAL is also available for drinking water installation, gas installations, solar installations and pool systems. MULTISEAL F has been espcially developet to work together with the antifreeze chemicals you may find in Solar Sytems and gruond heating sytems. In the series of dedicated products for solar and ground heating systems we also have the MULTISEAL SOF and MULTISEAL SOR which is a antifreeze/heating carrier for solar systems (SOF) and a cleaning fluid for Solar systems (SOR)


MULTISEAL sealing systems are based on dispersed crystalline minerals.
MULTISEAL F is pumped into the water in your solar heating or ground heating system at the correct concentration (1:100) and leaks are sealed here in a few days "by itself" through sediments of silicate left on the edge og the leakage. It is therefore not necessary to know exactly where any leakage is to seal it with MULTISEAL F - MULTISEAL F has to remain in the heating system after the sealing has been carried out.
MULTISEAL SOF is a antifreeze/heatingcarrier for solar systems and is used undiluted in the solarsystem
MULTISEAL SOR is a cleaning fluid for Solar systems.



Generally: Used correctly Multiseal F can not damage neither circulation pumps nor mixing valves.
Strainers, dirt catchers, filters and heat meters have to be disconnected from the system (solar or ground heating system). The boiler must be vented and filled correctly with water before the sealing begins.
The heating system is now is set to max. temperature. All heater and mixing valves are opened completely. The circulation pump purged thoroughly and put into operation. System water equal to twice the amount Multiseal F which is going to be added is taped from the system (see table).
Shake the can with Multiseael F thoroughly. The necessary amount of Multiseal F is now pumped diluted 1:1 with water through boiler fill and drain valve into the system. The heating system is filled to normal operating pressure. The circulation pump vented again thoroughly through control bolt. The plant now has to remain in service for 7 hours under the described conditions. The circulation pump is then vented thoroughly again, and all dismounted parts, but not strainers and dirt catchers refit. The actual sealing takes place during 1 or more days. Multiseal F must remain in the system after sealing!

MULTISEAL SOF. Heat carrier for solar systems. Frost proof. Contains corrosion inhibitors. The produc is used undiluted as the only heat carrier in solar systems.
MULTISEAL SOF was designed specifically for use as a heat transfer fluid or heating carrier fluid in solar systems with high thermal load (vacuum tube collectors). The corrosion inhibitors in MULTISEAL SOF protect all in solar technology commonly used metal materials long and reliably against corrosion, aging and deposits.
NOTE! In order to keep its special features MULTISEAL SOF may not be mixed with other heat transfer liquids or diluted with water! Fluid losses can only be compensated with MULTISEAL SOF!
By observing the following conditions, MULTISEAL SOF may be used in solar installations with high stagnation temperatures: Before reaching the max. stagnation temperature, all the MULTISEAL SOF located in the collectors at the beginning of the stagnation state, via evaporation must escape completely and be absorbed by the expansion tank.
MULTISEAL SOF may not be be exposed to continuous temperatures exceeding 170 ° C. Temperatures above 200 ° C lead to slow thermal decomposition of propylene glycol, which is indicated by a darkening of the heat transfer fluid. This will greatly reduce the life time of MULTISEAL SOF.Leaking solar systems can be sealed with MULTISEAL F.
Solar systems filled with MULTISEAL SOF must be checked once a year to control the characteristics of the heating carrier.

MULTISEAL SOR. Cleaning fluid for Solar Systems.
The solar system first has to be emptied completely in order to achieve an optimum cleaning effect. Cover the solar collectors to avoid overheating by sun. Then the system is filled with Multiseal SOR and circulated at 50-60 ° C for about 1-2 hours. In order to protect elastomeric materials such as EPDM in the Solar system, higher temperatures should be avoided.
Depending on how poluted the solar system is the process is repeated several times. After the cleaning process is finished the system must again be drained as complete as possible. Residues of Multiseal SOR still remaining in the system have to be blow out by compressed air as the final step of the cleaning process.



By skin contact, wash off skin with plenty of soap and water. Wear safety goggles when working with MULTISEAL! By eye contact rinse immediately with plenty of water. Spills on clothing are removed easily at normal temperature machine wash. NOTE! To avoid falls and silicate sediments any spill of MULTISEAL has to be washed of immeditaly.

MULTISEAL F Liquid Sealing for heating systems with anti freezing fluids. Suitable for solar panel systems and geothermal systems with fluid loss of up to 20L per 24 hours

MULTISEAL SOF. Heat carrier for solar systems. Frost proof. Contains corrosion inhibitors.

MULTISEAL SOR. Cleaning fluid for Solar Systems.





Item no.






1L can







2½ L can







5 Lcan






MULTISEAL SOF 10 L can 8030100        
MULTISEAL SOF 20 L can 8030200        
MULTISEAL SOR 10 L can 8031100        
MULTISEAL SOR 20 L can 8031200        

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