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UNIPAK A/S, which manufactures a range of chemical / technical products for the plumbing industry, was founded in 1942 in Aarhus. The first product developed by UNIPAK A/S - the "Original Unipak thread sealing pastes" - quickly became "world famous" in Denmark and until the late 80s this product was responsible for the vast majority of the company revenue, and Denmark was still the main market of UNIPAK A/S.

Since then UNIPAK A/S has undergone a rapid development and beyond the Danish market UNIPAK A/S is now represented in more than 20 countries in Europe and Asia and almost 90% of the production is exported.

Unipak thread sealing pastes are still still going strong but have now been joined by a wide range of related products such as PTFE thread sealing tape, silicone-based lubricants, soldering supplies, anaerobic adhesives, hemp, etc.

In 2002 UNIPAK A/S founded a subsidiary, Unipak Polska Sp. z o.o. in the Polish city of Zielona Gora (Green-mountain!). Unipak Polska has a very strong market position and Poland is Unipaks largest single market today. In december 2013 UNIPAK A/S founded af subsidiary, Unipak Ukraine LLC.

UNIPAK A/S moved in autumn 2008 to a brand newly built headquarter in Galten west of Aarhus, where 19 dedicated employees are employed.

The object of UNIPAK A/S is to be Europe's leading supplier of chemical quality products for the plumbing- and engineering business.


Unipak A/S Unipak Polska Sp. z o.o. Unipak Ukraine LLC
Marktoften 3C ul. Gorzowska 9 St. Cooperatevna 8.
8464 Galten PL-65-127 Zielona Gora Zhytomyr, 10001
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