UNIPAK jointing compound is a grey, high-viscosity, paste jointing compound consisting of a saponified fatty acid, natural minerals, high grade paraffin oils and water. All the substances of the contents are permitted as additives to foodstuffs and the like.



UNIPAK jointing compound is applied together with flax/hemp, for the sealing of threaded pipe joints on potable water systems, heating systems and low pressure steam systems. (max. 140°C and 8 bar).



UNIPAK jointing compound applied together with flax/hemp provides 100% tight threaded pipe joints as well as UNIPAK facilitates connection and future disconnection of the joints. Application of UNIPAK jointing compound - contrary to e.g. thread seal tape - also provides a large adjusting flexibility as the pipe joints remain tight when loosened.



 Flax/hemp should be applied evenly and tightly to the thread in the direction of inclination of the thread. Then the entire packed thread should be applied an adequate quantity of UNIPAK jointing compound in an even layer, after which assembling can be carried out straight away and installations be put into service. Wipe away odd jointing compound with a cloth or the like.



UNIPAK jointing compound's technical suitability has been repeatedly subjected to tests by the Danish Technological Institute. By this process it was proved that threaded joints properly sealed with flax/hemp and UNIPAK can remain tight up to 140°C and 8 bar. Tests also proved that UNIPAK jointing compound does not have an influence on water quality.


    Item no.: VVS-nr. RSK-nr. NRF-nr. LVI-nr
65 g plastic tube (24 pcs./box) 5000006 271351003 4051317 9507804 3265105
65 g plastic tube (200 pcs./box) 5000007 271351003 4051317 9507804 3265105
250 g plastic tube (48 pcs./box) 5000025 271351025 4051315 9507805 3265107
360 g plastic tub (48 pcs./box) 5000036 271351036 4051318 9507803 3265112
4 kg tub   5000400 271351040 4051319 9507802 3265118
1 pcs. D-I-Y-set (48 pcs./box) 5008800 271351103 4051175 9507807 3265088

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