Revolutionary, patented Pipe Thread Sealant Monofilament made of 100% Polytetrafluoroethelyne (P.T.F.E.) for sealing metal & plastic threaded pipe joints


DIN-DVGW for gas and water installations according to EN751-3 FRp and GRp and DIN 30660 (NV-5143BP0261)
DVGW tested & approved for pipe adjustments up to 45°
DVGW tested & approved up to 100 bar pressure in accordance with EN751-3 test protocol (tested at 23°C).
TZW tested & approved for hot & cold water in accordance with German Health Ministry recommendations.
BAM tested & approved for use with gaseous oxygen at 30 bar & 100°C (for use with the installation aid, II-2742/2004E)
BAM tested & approved for use with liquid oxygen at 30 bar & 100°C (use without installation aid, II-2742/2004E)
WRAS listed product for U.K. Water Quality Scheme for use with hot and cold water.
UL Listed Seal Material according to Outline 1321 for use in assemblies handling gasoline, petroleum oils, naphta, propane, butane, benzene, kerosene and natural gas (<300 psig)
ASTM F423 Steam & Cold Water Cycle Test - passed.


Twineflon* is a dynamic sealant which adjusts it's state during installation.
Creates a perfect seal by calandering the PTFE into a film in the exact thickness required between the two pipe ends.
Absolutely chemically resistant to the most aggressive chemicals, solvents, fuels and acids.
Remains functionally stable in a temperature range from -200°C to +240°C
It is not flammable and does not burn


Non hazardous material with no limitation on shelf-life.
PTFE is completely resistant to surface fouling, oxidation, embrittlement, fungal or bacterial growth, enzymatic or microbiological attack.
Absolutely inert while remaining soft and pliable throughout its life.
No effect whatsoever on the process fluids in the pipes.
The PTFE is the seal and does not require the presence of additives to function as a seal.


Replaces all other sealants and tapes on all threads.
Easier and quicker to install than other sealants.
Low cost per seal for maximum performance.
Simply wrap around the threads in an overlapping haphazard fashion.
Install directly from the hand held dispenser with it's unique 360° proprietary cutter
Unused product remains safely protected from dirt and dust for future use.


Beginning at the end of the thread, wrap in a overlapping haphazard fashion in the direction of the thread.
Apply 2 or 3 drops of installation aid directly from the separate dispenser and smear over the PTFE with the finger. This is a non-hazardous biodegradable material.
Concentrate at the end of the pipe and cover only 10 to 15mm of the thread.
The manufacturer's guidelines on the number of wraps are:

1/2" pipe 12 (Fine threads) to 18 (Coarse threads) wraps
11/2" pipe 16 (Fine threads) to 24 (Coarse threads) wraps

For other pipe diameters adjust the number of wraps.


    Item no. VVS-nr. RSK-nr. NRF-nr. LVI-nr.
175m in dispenser (12 pc./krt.) 1000800 271424150 4054028 9507877 3265375

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