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GALVEX cold galvanization is a galvanic action, anti-corrosion special paint or spray consisting of 92-95% microfine metallic zinc dust in a synthetic binder.      



GALVEX is applied for the cold galvanizing of iron constructions, pipes and fittings, containers, tanks etc. and for the repair of damaged surfaces on hot-galvanized items. GALVEX can be used as the only rust prevention and it can also be coated.


GALVEX Spray is ready for use as it is. GALVEX paint is as usable for application with brush as for application with spray. At spraying the GALVEX paint it needs to be thinned with GALVEX THINNER. GALVEX provides effective and long-acting protecting against corrosion and prevents rust from spreading from non-protected areas. Welding on GALVEX painted iron is possible. GALVEX protects materials from fungus attack in eventual finish coating applications. Withstands constant heat effects following hardening up to 110°-120°C. GALVEX is approved in accordance with the Danish Government's Test Institute's seawater test to BS-1391.

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