LOXEAL pipe thread sealer fixes and seals threaded joints and prevents penetration by water, heat, gas, air, oil, hydrocarbons and many chemicals. LOXEAL thread sealer is resistant to heat and vibration and is available with different degrees of fixing.
18-10 : PTFE modified all-round thread sealer that allows easy disassembly at a later time. Seals immediately against moderate pressure. Temperature range: -55º Celsius - +150º Celsius..

53-14 : Low viscosity thread sealer for hydraulic and pneumatic applications. Maximum pipe diameter ¾". Temperature range: -55º Celsius - +150º Celsius.

58-11 : High viscosity thread sealer approved for use with GAS (DG-3625). Also ideal for use in connection with oxygen, LPG and water. Maximum diameter 3" and 0.5 mm tolerance. Yellow colour code for gas. Temperature range: -55º Celsius - +150º Celsius.

86-72 : Permanent strength thread glue for use in connection with high temperatures (maximum 230º Celsius). Also ideal for thread sealing. For use in connection with water, oil, hydrocarbons, compressed air, chemicals, steam. Maximum diameter 2" and 0.3 mm tolerance.


Product Size Product no.
18-10 50 ml tube 4018103
  75 ml "bellows" tube 4018105
  100 ml tube 4018107
  250 ml tube 4018107
53-14 10 ml tube 4053141
  50 ml tube 4053143
  250 ml tube 4053147
58-11 50 ml tube 4058113
  75 ml "bellows" tube 4058114
  100 ml tube 4058115
  250 ml tube 4058117
86-72 50 ml tube 4086723
  250 ml tube 4086727

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