GALVEX spray is a galvanic action, anti-corrosion special paint with a very high content of microfine metallic zinc dust in a synthetic binder.



GALVEX spray is extremely suitable for the repair of damaged surfaces on hot-galvanized items as well as for corrosion protection of welding seams and cutting places. Also very suitable for preliminary treatment of all surfaces where EXTRA HIGH PROTECTION against rust is required.



GALVEX spray, which is ready for use after a quick shaking, provides a nice mat-grey colour. GALVEX spray provides effective and long-acting protecting against corrosion and prevents rust from spreading from non-protected areas. Welding on GALVEX protected iron is possible. GALVEX protects materials from fungus attack in eventual finish coating applications. Withstands constant heat effects following hardening (3-5 days) up to 110°-120°C.



To achieve the possible contact between zinc particles and iron the surface has to be cleaned thoroughly for oil, dirt, loose rust and paint. An ideal preliminary treatment is sand blasting. Shake GALVEX spray before use and at regular intervals while using it. Keep the spray straight-up-and-down and about 25cm from the item. The application is done with regular motions from side to side. Slip the nozzle between the motions to prevent the paint from "running". The best result is achieved at spraying "in all directions". Clean the nozzle after use at turning the spray upside down and spraying for a moment until zinc colour no longer appears. 2 coats of paint are recommended if only GALVEX is used. Second coating after 15-20 min. Finish with aluminium spray, if necessary, to adjust the colour to hot-galvanized items.

Contains xylen.


PACKAGING:    Item no.
500 ml. aerosol spray (12 pcs./box) 2500000

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