MULTIPAK is a grey, non-drying jointing compound on the basis of pure paraffinoil and fillers such as talc and chalk.



MULTIPAK is applied together with flax/hemp, for the sealing of threaded joints on pipe systems for POTABLE WATER, HEATING (90°C), NATURAL GAS, gas and butane. Also suitable for low pressure steam (140°C), cooling and compressed air (16 bars).



MULTIPAK is approved for use in connection with potable water and all three gas families.
MULTIPAK ensures sealed joints and makes later dismantling easier as the jointing compound never dries up.
MULTIPAK is clean and pleasant to work with and economic to use.



Clean the thread. Apply flax/hemp evenly and tightly to the thread in the direction of inclination. Finally the packed thread is covered with an even layer of MULTIPAK, after which assembling can be carried out straight away. Wipe away odd jointing compound with a cloth or the like.



MULTIPAK jointing compound is approved for POTABLE WATER and GAS in accordance with DIN 30660 and EN 751-2. Approved for all three gas types by DGP (DG-3866). Tolerates frost. Freezing point <-15°C. Allows easy subsequent adjustment and disassembly.


    Item no. VVS-nr. RSK-nr NRF-nr LVI-nr
50 g. plastic tube (24 pcs./box) 5520005 271354105 4051586 9507794 3265138
200 g. plastic tube (24 pcs./box) 5520020 271354120 4051587 9507795 3265139
300 g. plastic tub (12 pcs./box) 5520030 271354130 4051588 9507796 3265140

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