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MULTITEC is a foaming leak detecting substance based on specially manufactured tensides (synthetic soap) for detecting leaks in air and gas pipes.



MULTITEC immediately reveals even the smallest leak because the foam applied immediately bubbles up when air or gas forces its way through it. MULTITEC is used without any form of preparation or cleaning. The product has a skin-friendly pH value and the propellant used is carbon dioxide (CO2) which is neither hazardous to the health nor inflammable. Withstands frost. MULTITEC is available in a special version which may be used also on very cold objects down to -30°C.


NOTE: When using Multitec on plastic products:

Multites is approved for use on polyethylene tubes (PE), but as we have received reports on damages on other types of plastic, we recommend that the user therefore always must make sure that the product is suitable in the wanted installation, and that the test-spot is rinsed in water after use.



Spray MULTITEC on the pipe joint or wherever there is a suspicion of or risk of a leak, all the way around the pipe. Leaks will immediately be revealed as they will cause the liquid to bubble. The pressure in the tin will fall at very low temperatures, but will rise when the tin is warmed. NB! Aerosol tins must never be exposed to temperatures in excess of 50ºC.



Wipe up any spilled liquid with a damp cloth. MULTITEC contains tensides (synthetic soap) which may be greasy. Therefore always make sure that any liquid spilled on the floor is cleaned up to avoid accidents. MULTITEC has a skin-friendly pH value (approx. 6.4) but should still be washed off with water. If the product is splashed into the eyes rinse immediately with plenty of water. Wear safety goggles!

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