UNIPAK D-I-Y kits offer a range of our most popular products in a practical store package, ready to hang up. A simple and easy-to-use package size that is ideal for both minor professional jobs and the D-I-Y market.


Unipak and Multipak


Unipak or Multipak fitting compound with flax - safe, secure and practical.

UNIPAK D-I-Y-set with jointing compound and flax. UNIPAK is a classic, popular thread sealant intended for use in installations for drinking water and heating. Facilitates assembly and later, disassembly.


Available in 2 sizes: 65 g tube/13 g flax or 250 g tube/50 g flax.

UNIPAK article no. 500800

UNIPAK MAXI article no. 5008825


Multipak D-I-Y-set with jointing compound and flax. Multipak er frost proof and ideal for systems with drinking water, gas, heating, low-pressure steam, compressed air (16 bar) and cooling. Certified as per EN 751-2 and DIN 30660. .

Available in 2 sizes: 50 g tube/13 g flax or 200 g tube/50 g flax.

UNIPAK article no. 500800

UNIPAK MAXI article no. 5008825




The Glidex range is lubricants based on silicone oil.

Super Glidex is a lubricant based on 100% pure silicone oil developed for jointing plastic socket pipes. SUPER GLIDEX ensures flexible and problem-free jointing, at the same time lubricating and maintaining rubber strips and packing. Available in 50 g tube store packaging.


SUPER GLIDEX article no. 2180005


GLIDEX Tap Lubricant Produced from 100% pure silicone oil. For lubrication and maintenance of o-rings in drinking water fittings. Particularly well suited to EPDM and NBR rubber. Meets German KTW requirements for use in drinking water installations. 30 g tube.


GLIDEX article no. 2010803





Unigum is a syntetic sanitary putty. No solvents. Insoluble in water

Unigum is a non-hardening synthetic rubber cement for installation of e.g. kitchen sinks, and fitting toilet bowls and drain fittings in washbasins. UNIGUM never hardens but remains flexible and retains its adhesive qualities. 125 g.


UNIGUM article no. 6580010




Unipak soldering articles .

UNIPAK Soldering kit Complete soldering kit with flux, tin and metal-free cleaning pad. For soft soldering of copper pipes and diverse minor repairs. 30 g tin + 25 ml flux + 1 UNIVLIES cleaning pad.


SOLDERING KIT article no. 4580000


UNIVLIES Metal-free Cleaning pads for cleaning e.g. copper pipes prior to soldering. 2 UNIVLIES article no. 4580812



    Varenr. VVS-nr. RSK-nr. NRF-nr LVI-Nr.
UNIPAK DIY set (65 gr. tb. + 13 g. yarn) DK (48 stk./krt.) 5008800 271351103 4051175 9507807 3265088
UNIPAK MAXI DIY set (250g tb. + 50g yarn) DK (20 stk./krt.) 5008825 271351125  4051192 9507865  3265089
MULTIPAK DIY-set (50 gr. tube + 13 g yarn) DK (48 stk./krt.) 5508800 271354205  4051162 9507771  3265093
MULTIPAK GDS-sats (200g tube + 50g yarn) DK (20 stk./krt.) 5508820 271354220  4051162 9507772  3265094
SUPER GLIDEX with silikone - DIY set  (48 stk./krt.) 2180005 61716250  3115117 9507896  2241423
GLIDEX tap lubricant - DIY (48 stk./krt.) 2010803 745314230  8346011 9507895  2241401
UNIGUM sanitary mastic DIY (48 stk./krt.) 6580010 271555210  4050753 9507894  3265196
DIY soldering kit (48 stk./krt.) 4580000 043225225  2018079 9507897  70755371
DIY set Univlies cleaning pads (48 stk./krt.) 4580812 043078206  2018078 9507898  7075354

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