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LOXEAL is a complete, well-planned range of professional quality products particularly suitable for pipe sealing, locking bolts and screws and securing bearings. LOXEAL's anaerobic glue polymerises (hardens) between metallic surfaces at the same time as it excludes oxygen. By completely filling in the microscopic irregularities in metal surfaces the product ensures that mechanical influence is distributed uniformly throughout joints and therefore provides an optimum sealing effect not only against water and air, but also against gas, oxygen, oils, petrol and chemicals. LOXEAL's glue also combats corrosion. LOXEAL is also a cyanoacrylate glue that hardens in seconds for rapidly gluing metal, plastic, rubber, etc., together.

  • Loxeal Thread Sealing

    LOXEAL pipe thread sealer fixes and seals threaded joints and prevents penetration by water, heat, gas, air, oil, hydrocarbons and many chemicals. Products: 18-10, 53-14, 58-11, 86-72.

  • Loxeal Thread Locking

    LOXEAL thread locker is ideal for locking nuts, threaded pins, screws and other threaded connections. Ensures that threaded joints cannot loosen due to vibration or mechanical influence. Products: 55-03, 83-54, 86-72

  • Loxeal Retainer

    LOXEAL Retainer is suitable for installing bearings, bushes, gear wheels and cylindrical items. Products: 53-11, 82-33.

  • Cyanoacrylat IS 23

    IS 23 is a universal cyanoacrylate glue (hardens in seconds).

  • Loxeal Activator

    LOXEAL A-11 lightning activator speeds up the polymerisation of Loxeal anaerobic glue