How to remove Unipak stains from a carpet

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How can UNIPAK fitting compound be remowed from a carpet?


Cleaning of UNIPAK stain from carpet:

Before starting on the actual stain cleaning, ensure that the colours of the carpet can tolerate benzene. One should also ensure that the carpet backing, which may often consist of a rubbery material or other bonded base, can withstand benzene and water.

Make sure that there are no open flames or smoking people in the vicinity when stain-cleaning.

Make sure also that there is adequate ventilation.

1) With a spatula or blunt knife scrape off the excess UNIPAK carefully. Do this so
gently that you do not get to massage UNIPAK more into the carpet pile.

2) In an approx. 1 cmring around the stain now moist the carpet now with benzene. It is important that the stain treatment begins with making this ring. Benzene will thus begin to
penetrate into the stain. But when you start pouring benzene directly on the stain, the benzene will work itself out of the stain containing some of the stain, thereby actually increasing the stain the size.

3) With a paper towel or clean cloth now "blot" benzene on the actual stain.
Immediately after the benzene has to be sucked up with a clean paper towel or clean cloth. This procedure has to be repeat 3-4 times or at least until black colour no longer comes on to the paper towel or cloth.

4) When the benzene has evaporated clean the stain with vacuum cleaner.

5) Now massage a little bit HANDEX into the stain. This has to be done successive over a few times. "Blot" the excess and ad 1-2 drops of water under light massage. "Blot" the stain with a paper towel or clean cloth.

6) Repeat paragraph 5) until the stain is completely gone.

7) When the stain is completely dry vacuum it.