Catalogue / Lubricants


UNIPAK Lubricants - for jointing plastic tubes and lubrication of rubber gaskets and o-rings. All Unipak lubricants contains high-grade silicone oil, which ensures lubricity while preserving and protecting rubber rings and o-rings from drying out and ageing - however our SPECIAL GLIDEX is soap based and silicone-free.

 Unipak lubricants are:

 Glidex Silicone Spray

 S.A.N. 30% Silicone Spray

 Glidex Silicone Paste in 50g tube with application spunge.

 Glidex Tap lubricant

 Super Glidex Lubricant

 Liquid Glidex for lubricating liners by "no dig" repairs on sewer pipes

 Special Glidex - a soap-based special lubricants for tubes of plastic and metal.

  • Super Glidex

    SUPER GLIDEX is a snow-white, pleasant smelling and silicone-based lubricant which facilitates assembly of O-ring sealed pipes etc. SUPER GLIDEX has a pleasant creamy consistency. Neutral pH-value (about 7). Frost-proof. Replaces traditional soap-based gliding agent / lubricant. Exists also in a special version with freezing point below -30°C.

  • Glidex Paste

    GLIDEX silicone paste is made from 100% pure silicone oil. It is available in a handy tube with a shoe-polish sponge for direct application. It is totally solvent-free. TZW-approved for drinking water.

  • Glidex spray

    GLIDEX silicone lubricant is made from 100% pure NSF-approved silicone oil. GLIDEX spray is a multiusable and efficient and does not contain any propellant harmful to the ozone layer.

  • SAN Spray

    S.A.N.® silicone Spray is made of 100% pure, NSF-approved high-grade silicone-oil. S.A.N.® silicone Spray has a full 30% concentration of silicone-oil, which makes it very efficient and economical in use. It is fitted with an "up-side-down" valve enableing it to be used in any angle. S.A.N.® silicone Spray is solvent-free and and does not contain propellants harmful to the environment or the ozon-layer.

  • Tap Lubricant

    GLIDEX tap lubricant, is produced from 100% pure silicone oile.

    GLIDEX tap lubricant is available in a small handy plastic tube with 30g. TZW-approved for drinking water.

  • Special Glidex

    Special GLIDEX ia a highly efficiant soap based lubricant which is applied for the assembly of O-ring sealed muff pipes plastic and metal.