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Jointing Compounds

Jointing Compounds from Unipak are pipe jointing pastes for all general jointing work on threaded pipes – and they are all used together with flax.
Unipak Jointing compound is for water, heating and low pressure steam.
Multipak Jointing Compoung is for water, drinking water, heating, low pressure steam, pressurized air, cooling and gas (Natural Gas, LPGas - Conforms to BS EN 751-2).
Pakol is for oil, gasoline and pressurized air.

  • Unipak

    UNIPAK jointing compound is a grey, high-viscosity, paste consisting of a saponified fatty acid, natural minerals, high grade paraffin oils and water. All the substances of the contents are permitted as additives to foodstuffs and the like.

    UNIPAK jointing compound applied together with flax/hemp provides 100% tight threaded pipe joints and facilitates connection and future disconnection of the joints. Application of UNIPAK jointing compound - contrary to e.g. thread seal tape - also provides a large adjusting flexibility as the pipe joints remain tight when loosened.

  • Multipak

    MULTIPAK is a grey, non-drying jointing compound on the basis of pure paraffinoil and fillers such as talc and chalk.

    MULTIPAK jointing compound is approved for POTABLE WATER and GAS in accordance with DIN 30660 and EN 751-2. Approved for all three gas types by DGP (DG-3866). Tolerates frost. Freezing point <-15°C. Allows easy subsequent adjustment and disassembly.

  • Pakol

    PAKOL is a reddish brown, liquid, shellac-based jointing compound.

    PAKOL is applied together with flax/hemp for the sealing of threaded pipe joints on installations for petrol, oil, gas etc. (Not approved for gas).