Multitec - Important information

Recently we have been made aware that, certain types of plastic, such as PPSU and Polycarbonate, when used in sanitary installations can dissolve (crack), when under influence of an (unfortunate) combination of (too) high pressure, heat and chemicals, herein probably the tenside, used in MULTITEC.

MULTITEC has been in use since 1999 without any registered problems, and is meant for use in GAS installations, but is now apparently used for leak-detecting in ordinary water-installations made in plastic, also.

As the use of our product is taking place outside of our control, we always take a general reservation for compatibility between our products and the products the user wants to use it together with. Legally this should be sufficient, but we do however choose to take a specific reservation in connection with the use of MULTITEC on plastic bodies.

In our technical datasheet we therefore specific state, that problems can occur with certain kinds of plastic, and that the user therefore always must make sure that the product is suitable in the wanted installation, and that the test-spot is rinsed in water after use.

If you need additional information, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Yours sincerely,

Mr. Henrik Harmsen