Tap lubricant



UNIPAK Lubricants - for jointing plastic tubes and lubrication of rubber gaskets and o-rings. All Unipak lubricants contains high-grade silicone oil, which ensures lubricity while preserving and protecting rubber rings and o-rings from drying out and ageing - however our SPECIAL GLIDEX is soap based and silicone-free.

 Unipak lubricants are:

 Glidex Silicone Spray

 S.A.N. 30% Silicone Spray

 Glidex Silicone Paste in 50g tube with application spunge.

 Glidex Tap lubricant

Tap Lubricant

GLIDEX tap lubricant, is produced from 100% pure silicone oile.

GLIDEX tap lubricant is available in a small handy plastic tube with 30g. TZW-approved for drinking water.