Silicone lubricant


Super Glidex

SUPER GLIDEX is a snow-white, pleasant smelling and silicone-based lubricant which facilitates assembly of O-ring sealed pipes etc. SUPER GLIDEX has a pleasant creamy consistency. Neutral pH-value (about 7). Frost-proof. Replaces traditional soap-based gliding agent / lubricant. Exists also in a special version with freezing point below -30°C.

Glidex Paste

GLIDEX silicone paste is made from 100% pure silicone oil. It is available in a handy tube with a shoe-polish sponge for direct application. It is totally solvent-free. TZW-approved for drinking water.

Glidex spray

GLIDEX silicone lubricant is made from 100% pure NSF-approved silicone oil. GLIDEX spray is a multiusable and efficient and does not contain any propellant harmful to the ozone layer.


UNIPAK Lubricants - for jointing plastic tubes and lubrication of rubber gaskets and o-rings. All Unipak lubricants contains high-grade silicone oil, which ensures lubricity while preserving and protecting rubber rings and o-rings from drying out and ageing - however our SPECIAL GLIDEX is soap based and silicone-free.

 Unipak lubricants are:

 Glidex Silicone Spray

 S.A.N. 30% Silicone Spray

 Glidex Silicone Paste in 50g tube with application spunge.

 Glidex Tap lubricant

SAN Spray

S.A.N.® silicone Spray is made of 100% pure, NSF-approved high-grade silicone-oil. S.A.N.® silicone Spray has a full 30% concentration of silicone-oil, which makes it very efficient and economical in use. It is fitted with an "up-side-down" valve enableing it to be used in any angle. S.A.N.® silicone Spray is solvent-free and and does not contain propellants harmful to the environment or the ozon-layer.

Tap Lubricant

GLIDEX tap lubricant, is produced from 100% pure silicone oile.

GLIDEX tap lubricant is available in a small handy plastic tube with 30g. TZW-approved for drinking water.