UNIPAK Lubricants - for jointing plastic tubes and lubrication of rubber gaskets and o-rings. All Unipak lubricants contains high-grade silicone oil, which ensures lubricity while preserving and protecting rubber rings and o-rings from drying out and ageing - however our SPECIAL GLIDEX is soap based and silicone-free.

 Unipak lubricants are:

 Glidex Silicone Spray

 S.A.N. 30% Silicone Spray

 Glidex Silicone Paste in 50g tube with application spunge.

 Glidex Tap lubricant

Wire Pulling Lubricants

UNIPAK cable lubricants, are carefully tailored to meet the diverse demands and challenges of cabling pulling in various installation situations. The unique lubricating ability and ease of use of Unipak cable lubricants always offers the right solution for a demanding task.

Tap Lubricant

GLIDEX tap lubricant, is produced from 100% pure silicone oile.

GLIDEX tap lubricant is available in a small handy plastic tube with 30g. TZW-approved for drinking water.